Children and Contact Lenses


Children do not like being different to their peers, wearing contact lenses can help your child fit in during this important personality developmental stage.  If your child is active and plays sports, then contact lenses may be the ideal choice for them. They will benefit visually from better depth perception, a wider field of view and all round better stability of vision.

If a prescription is required, a child’s sporting development may be reduced as their vision is hampered without spectacles.

Are Contact lenses suitable for my child?

We generally recommend contact lenses for children from the age of eight years old but our optometrist will assess each child individually and advise on whether they are suitable for contact lenses.  Our caring and skilled staff at Radyr Eyecare will demonstrate and talk your child through how to insert and remove their lenses and care for them.

Great for kids that like sportrugbykids

If your child is into sports such as rugby or gymnastics, their spectacles may be a potential hazard. Children with moderate spectacle prescriptions often cannot see clearly beyond a few metres without their glasses and this can this can have a negative impact on their performance. Contact lenses for children can help improve their hand-eye co-ordination, their peripheral vision and safely improve their game.



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Friendly service and skilled staff

At Radyr Eyecare we will talk through the options with you and your child to help you make the right eyewear choices.
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