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The Welsh Assembly Government has implemented a number of schemes to make eyecare more convenient and accessible. This means that some services that were formerly were only available from hospitals or GP surgeries are now available from practices such as ours. This is usually much more convenient for our patients, and means that diagnosis and treatment can be provided more quickly if it is required. The main schemes are as follows:

EHEW (old name PEARS)

This stands for ‘Eye Health Examination Wales’; what it means is this. If you have an acute problem with your eye— conjunctivitis say, ‘red eye’, ‘floaters’ or even a foreign body— you can go to a EHEW accredited practice, like ours, rather than going to your GP or Hospital A & E. We can then either treat you ourselves, or in more serious cases, refer you directly to the correct hospital department without the need to wait to be referred.

The scheme also provides FREE more thorough eye examinations for people in “at risk groups”.


This stands for ‘Low Vision Aids’ and these are aids that can help patients with poor sight see better. These aids range from simple magnifying glasses to more sophisticated magnifiers incorporating light sources, high magnification spectacles and so on.

Previously these aids were only available from the NHS by attending a hospital outpatient department, which many patients found inconvenient and distressing. Now you can be evaluated for such aids by a suitable accredited practice—like ours—and receive the appropriate aids from your local practice rather than a busy, remote hospital department.


Both schemes are entirely FREE OF CHARGE to patients, irrespective of their NHS eligibility for an eye examination.


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