The finest and most luxurious items in the world are made by hand. After all, only individually made, hand-finished items can be bespoke.
Silhouette’s rimless spectacles are open to be personalised by you, they are always made by a combination of high-tech machinery and careful hand finishing. Made to the highest and most exacting design specifications.


The lightness of Titan Minimal Art, paired with its extreme robustness and flexibility, also impressed the US space agency NASA: Since 2000, Titan Minimal Art is standard-issue eyewear for all NASA astronauts.

The screwless and hingeless rimless eyewear weighs only 1.8 grams and its elastic temple guarantees a perfect grip, even in the zero gravity of outer space. It has accompanied dozens of astronauts on more than 30 missions in space.

“If you move your head quickly in space, your eyewear might fly off your face – that does not happen with a Silhouette, it always sat there, where it was supposed to: on your face,” said astronaut Michael Bloomfield, praising his Silhouette.

At Radyr Eyecare we can make your glasses to your own personal specifications

Lens shape, lens size, colour, bridge size, side length and style can all be chosen to suit you perfectly.

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