If you have ever wondered how much your sports performance could be improved by vision correction you need only look at the professionals, wearing frames and lenses, designed for their sport to keep them playing at the very highest level regardless of the conditions.

At Radyr Eyecare we are sports vision experts and can give you the same accurate and relevant advice, whatever your sport. Whether you wear glasses or not, your ability can be enhanced with the use of the correct lens type for your sport and we offer the specialist tints to improve their function. Visual strain can also cause mental and physical tiredness preventing you from being at the top of your game and the efficiency of your eyes can quickly be hampered by bright light or low light

In many sports, success of failure is measured in hundredths of a second or fractions of a centimeter – so the speed and endurance of your eyes focusing ability is pretty vital.

SquashWe offer specialist tints to improve their function and polarisation to cut out unwanted reflections from flat surfaces such as roads, snow or water. The right specialist tint colour or density can help a ball stand out against any background, help you see the undulations of the green, ensure you see the water surface regardless of reflections or prevent the glare from snow from hampering you seeing the moguls. The lenses can be hydrophobic which ensures rain and fine moisture particles just roll off the lens.

The right frame and fitting can ensure the light doesn’t seep in from around the edge, keep the dust and weather from distracting your concentration or protect you from small objects such as squash balls, stones or debris from damaging your eyes.

Many of the frames feature interchangeable lenses so you can change the tint for every condition or feature Transitions lenses which vary according to the light levels ensuring you have the best vision for any condition.

Contact lenses are also a great way to boost your performance in sport. Giving truly ‘all round’ vision without any limitation from a spectacle frame can improve your sporting experience. Some sports, such as orienteering, require accurate reading as well as distance vision and if you are usually a varifocal wearer then multifocal contact lenses may be the answer. Another benefit is that clear sports eye protection can be used over the contact lenses to protect you from a squash ball for example. Why not give them a try? Our contact lens assessment includes free trial lenses for you to take away and use for your sport so that you can see the benefits for yourself!

In order to find out more and for your free full sports eyewear assessment please contact us and we will help you see the difference that the right eyewear can make to your performance.

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